Revealing the stories in your business performance data

Extracting useful insight from business data can be slow and laborious.

Interrodata is a software service that intelligently mines your data – and answers business questions with rich stories. Using its unique algorithms, Interrodata is able to tell you what’s happened – and  why – in seconds. This enables your team to act fast and stay ahead.

It’s like having an extra insight professional at your side, whenever you need one!

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Steal first mover advantage

Because Interrodata’s algorithms can tackle business questions in seconds rather than days, it puts your team back in the driving seat to recommend action – ahead of the competition

Boardroom Ready

We compile all the interesting stuff into a simple report with clear headlines and supporting data – a deck that is ready for the boardroom.

Tailored to you

Whether you have a unique set of data or specific needs with reporting, our solution can be tailored to your needs. Get in touch to find out more.

Limitless capacity

Your insight team are full to capacity – but the questions keep coming in. Interrodata can handle mountains of questions – and return the answers you need in seconds.

Smart analytics

Interrodata roams your data like a sniffer dog – looking for interesting features that you would want to know about – such as competitor moves.

Solving a real problem

Interrodata has been born out of real-world experience in FMCG, banking and leisure industries, but we are already finding interest from other insight-hungry sectors, such as Formula One!


Reports take seconds or minutes to produce, rather than days.


You can run Interrodata on a single dataset – or connect it to more sources which can help explain business performance.

Real World

We’re not driven by tech. We’re driven to answer complex business questions with simple compelling stories. We know what the board needs to see.


Interrodata’s proprietary algorithms aim to replicate the work of the world’s best analysts – so you get a story with useful conclusions, supported by evidence.

What Our Customers Say

To find out more about what Interrodata is already doing for some of the world’s biggest companies, and how it can keep your business ahead of the pack, please get in touch.

This is doing in a few minutes what one of my team could spend 2-3 days to complete. Outstanding.

Major European Drinks Manufacturer

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