Competitive Advantage: How to win key brand battles in FMCG

Modernising insights is a key strategic move to unlocking revenue growth in FMCG. We dive into how you can build advantage over competitors by taking unfamiliar paths through data.

Shelves after a range review
Supercharge your Range Review: How we worked with CCEP to optimise their range recommendations

Range reviews take place periodically between suppliers and retailers. Understanding how to optimise your ranging decisions is paramount to boosting sales. This case study details how we tackled this challenge alongside CCEP.

A picture of a user of statistical modelling
Using data modelling to win the Category in FMCG

Intelligent modelling is utilised across many industries. Learn how modelling is utilised, and can be utilised, in FMCG to beat the competition and win the category.

Image depicting insights industry research
The Insights industry: The 3 factors leading its transformation in FMCG

The insights industry has experienced a rapid transformation in the last 20 years. This article outlines the three main causal factors and what can the FMCG industry can do to keep pace with these changes.

Laser focus on insights for category growth
Cultivating an Insights Democracy – the new role of Insights leaders?

How Insights leaders can create an insights-driven culture in FMCG organisations through cultivating an insights democracy.

Insights for all, on-demand: the new normal to stimulate revenue growth?

How could democratising insights help boost revenue growth in FMCG?

FMCG Insights-on-Demand: a future fantasy or an unexplored utopia?

Generating manual FMCG insights is hard. This article helps explain where FMCGs can optimise the way their organisation generates and deploys insights.