Mind The Gap: using data stories to address the void between what you think you know and what is really happening in your business

What is the Gap? In 2018, Swedish professor Hans Rosling, with his son and daughter-in-law, published a book called Factfulness. The full title is actually “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than

data architechture
How do organisations build a modern data architecture to meet their current and future needs?

Data architechture might sound confusing but with the right knowledge it is something that all organisations can reap the benefits of.

Data analytics industry terms that you should know

What actually is machine learning? Is there a difference between predictive and prescriptive analytics? How does big data differ from just data? Check out the terms you need to know to start understanding the powerful industry of data analytics.

A picture of a user of statistical modelling
Using data modelling to win the Category in FMCG

Intelligent modelling is utilised across many industries. Learn how modelling is utilised, and can be utilised, in FMCG to beat the competition and win the category.

Image depicting data and analytics trends
The data & analytics trends that business leaders need to be aware of

Data analytics has become a common term used amongst business leaders. It is a huge industry that is growing and changing all the time. This article will outline how the data & analytics trends have changed in recent years.

Data driven AI and ML
Developing a data driven decision making strategy

We are in the age of data. The explosion of data has enabled it to become a commodity that sees data heralded as the new oil. But how many companies have successfully implemented a data driven decision making strategy? IBM